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Dain Hedgpeth


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About the Episode

Today’s guest have over 100,000 players for a $5 game and he shares the analysis that indie developers should be doing before creating their game. Hint, it’s the same analysis that big studios perform. Also, listen to his journey from agency to now a product company.

Dain Hedgpeth is Founder at Frosch Media.

Show Notes

How He Transitioned From Comedian To Running A Product Company

Before going into the developing scene, Dain Hedgpeth got into a bit of stand up comedy, because he liked public speaking when he was younger and he truly enjoyed writing his own jokes and doing open-mic nights. He spent 7-8 years in stand up comedy until he left that scene and started an app development agency. Today, he manages a product company, Frosch Media.

What Indie Developers Should Do Before Creating An App

It’s not enough to have a good idea for an app, the execution, the timing, how you plan to market it and luck plays a vital role in creating a successful app. You should learn to think outside the box, accept that things will not exactly go as planned. Improve on what needs to be improved and learn how to accept the possibility of failing, but never giving up.

Someone Create This App For Him, He Won’t Mind!
Dain is a #GOT {Game Of Thrones} fan! Listen to the full podcast to find out what app he wants to exist and does not mind anyone else working on it.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Rodeo Stampede: (iTunes | Google Play)

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