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Are you a game developer who wants to increase the holy grail of all metrics – retention? Well, you’re about to discover how adding online tournaments into your games will increase retention and monetization. He also breaks down the elements of successful games, how their platform automatically creates tournaments with players of similar skills and so much more.

David Mok is the Director of Developer Partnerships at Skillz Inc.

Show Notes

Increasing Retention and Monetization through Online Tournaments

Online tournaments are very popular and fun because it connects players from different parts of the world to play together. This strategy is also helpful for your retention and monetization.

Competition in multiplayer games provide a deep sense of engagement retention. If you have a mechanic or hook where people can stick longer in your app just like in tournaments, you’ll find inevitable ways to monetize.

Showing ads is one of the primary models to generate revenue however with Skillz, earning money via tournaments is easier because the app is a social network with built-in monetization tool. The tournaments are player-funded and have brand sponsors.

Elements of Successful Games

For developers who are working on their next game app, it’s important that you design something that players will really enjoy. It also needs to include a level playing field concept.

Skillz only power games of skills and not those games that are predominantly chance-based. The genres they thrive in are sports games, trivia games, puzzle games, bubble shooters and masteries.

In short, your games should be fun and should include a playing field concept to be successful.

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