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Today’s guest is a games entrepreneur for the last 15 years. He previously founded Next Games, Ironstar Helsinki, and was an early employee at Supercell. You will discover what he would do differently if he were starting his game studio today, what small game studios can learn from the big game studios and his biggest lesson from going IPO.

Joakim Achren is the Founder and CEO at Elite Game Developers.


02:52 – Things Joakim would do differently if he made a game today compared to what he did in 2013.

09:23 – Common mistakes indie gaming companies make compared to highly funded ones.

13:00 – Should you still do licensing today? Lessons learned from licensing deals that Joakim has dealt with.

15:58 – Retention and processes indie game studios have that can be improved.

18:14 – The numbers you should reach to decide if your app is working out.

22:02 – More ways to improve your game and spotting those areas of improvement.

23:40 – The types of monetization strategies that tend to work across all apps and mistakes game developers make when it comes to monetization.

29:37 – Lessons learned from going IPO.

Show Mentions

Elite Game Developers Templates

– Fav game: Marvel Contest of Champions


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