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Coming up is a coaching call where you will discover what to do when Apple search ads won’t work, copywriting tips to use on your pricing page and a full explanation of the Spanish-Mexico ASO tip that helps double keywords.

Ben Price is the founder of SnapShot Postcard.

Show Notes

What To Do When Apple Search Ads Don’t Work For You

If Apple search ads don’t work well for you, don’t give up on it immediately but try a different approach. For instance, hire a designer and try different screenshots.

I suggest that you show the more design-oriented aspect of your app. Before you spend on marketing, revamp the look and feel of your app. Figure out a new app icon. It also helps if you check your competitors’ ad and incorporate the look and feel and messaging that works on them in your App Store presence.

Copywriting Tips to Use on Your Pricing Page

For the pricing, you can include words like your ‘app is easy to use’ but it’s also better if you explain why E.g. “This app caters to those who are not the most technical savvy”. Although writing cheap is effective in sending a message, it’s better if you explain how this works.

It is important to address “why it is easy” because anybody can claim that their app is not complicated. So instead of just saying that your app is easy, you can write, “you’ll get a photo card in three or four taps” to send the message to your users that your app is straightforward.

How to Use the Spanish-Mexico Version for ASO

The U.S. App Store indexes the Spanish Mexico localization, so you can double the number of keywords you are targeting by duplicating it in the Spanish Mexico title.

You can also hide the different keywords that you are targeting like brand terms in the Spanish Mexico title, subtitle and keyword fields.

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