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Snippet App - CJ Alvarado

Snippet App – CJ Alvarado

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Today’s guest is revolutionizing the reading experience and tells us why he’s taking on Amazon and Apple.

Also pay close attention to the methodology that he puts every idea through and how you can use it to decide what you should work on next.

About the Guest

CJ Alvarado is the founder of Snippet App (@snippetapp). President @feeltheboo.

Download Snippet App on iTunes.

About Snippet App

Think outside the book. With today’s tools and technology, we’re re-imagining the reading experience and here’s how:

We help readers get through the content quickly. Each chapter is 1,000 words or less making every Snippet short and sweet.

Don’t worry about missing anything. Snippets use photos, videos, audio, and more in an uncluttered way. Read it when you want and hide it when you don’t.

With our library you’ll be able to discover new writers, topics, and stories, see what your friends are reading, and get notified when your favorite writers posts a new Snippet.

Connect with writers and readers, share your thoughts on chapters, recommend Snippets you love, and share discoverables with your social networks.

We want to lower the barrier to reading. No more paying $12.99 for something you’ll only read a portion of. Snippets vary from $0.99 – $4.99. You can hug us later.

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