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Coming up is a coaching call with someone who needs my help with his Android game. You will discover how to do ASO for a game on Google Play, how to find beautiful icons, and how to use emojis for increased conversion rates.

Björn Rave is the creator of Splitterz.

Show Notes

Doing ASO for a Game on Google Play

From an ASO perspective, it is a bit hard to drive growth for games as not everybody is searching for the very name of your game. In deciding what key words you should use, leverage on tools such as Sensor Tower and Mobile Action to determine which ones have high traffic but low competition. This is most especially if you are not going to use any other acquisition channels, will just rely on ASO and keyword growth, and have low budget in doing any other campaigns.

To find more keywords, you can also put in your words in Google Play and see what it suggests.

For Google Play, there is a trick being used where they use emojis in the short description to call attention to the app.

Focusing on Design

You need to find the time to ensure that your game looks polished and not just something which was just put together. People may find your app through ASO but may not download it because of their impression basing on how it looks like. Your design should hook them enough for you to convert so focus on this. There may be one of the things where you should consider hiring somebody.


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