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SPUN - Scott Lindenbaum

SPUN – Scott Lindenbaum

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About the Guest

How do you design a mobile app that is so engaging that the user is begging to interact with it? Well I have Scott Lindenbaum, co-founder of the SPUN app to break down how to design a killer iOS app that feels like you’re engaging with a real physical product. This is one episode you definitely have to listen to.

About SPUN

From SPUN website:

SPUN makes it easy to find the news you need to know and the stories you’ll love. There are millions of websites, tumblrs, YouTube channels, online magazines, and blogs—way too many for anyone to keep track of. SPUN is like a friend who recommends only the best stuff.

Our iPhone app features top news, entertainment, and lifestyle content in a delightful 3D interface. We scour thousands of local and national sources and deliver only the stories that matter. SPUN is the easiest way to keep up with what’s up.

Show Mentions

7:40 – BJ Fogg
18:50 – Mashable article

Favorite Apps

27:10 – Venmo
27:33 – Seamless
27:40 – Ness
27:45 – Wunderlist