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About the Episode

Today’s guest took the entrepreneurial leap and boot-strapped his on-demand car washing service for the first year and he tells us how to prepare yourself for startup life. He also shares how to research your startup idea, how to analyze unit economics and how he’s thinking about evolving the on-demand economy.

Andrew Davis is the CEO & Co-Founder at Squeegy.

Show Notes

Preparing Yourself for Startup Life

If you want to take the leap into the entrepreneurial life, be prepared togo without a salary for a long time and work double the hours that you did in your corporate job. This includes working days and nights, weekends and even holidays. The only time that you won’t be working is when you are sleeping! Success takes a lot of hard work and does not happen by accident.

Researching Your Start Up Idea

They did a lot of research in the car wash industry before they got started as they know that it is a sizeable market. They saw that there is a high overhead in this market and that there are no major players in this industry as it is very fragmented. In the tech side, they don’t use current ones so they aimed to revolutionize the industry by introducing platforms and tools which can make a difference.

They were able to come up and put the entire MVP out in the market cheaply so they were able to test if people were able to resonate with the product and were able to find out that there was a demand. They also put out questionnaires and surveys on how to improve their product as they know it are essential to listen to customers.

Show Mentions

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  • Adam Derrick says:

    Great story Andrew, enjoyed the bit when you washed your to-be-investor’s car and then had the sit down in the boardroom with them. Your initial meeting and the way you portrayed yourself and towards your business must have left a lasting impression. All the best. Adam from Oz

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