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Today’s guest is the founder of Startup Grind, a 125-city community hosted in 60-countries that mentors entrepreneurs, and he shares cold emailing tips that have landed him amazing speakers. One of his tips is to send the email around 1-3am. Also, listen to how he used his paternity leave to begin working on his own company.

Derek Andersen is Founder at Startup Grind.

Show Notes

Cold Emailing Tips to Land Amazing Speakers

Subject lines are important and keeping it quick and concise is essential. Derek also likes to stuff mails to important people between 1am – 3am because at about 1a-2am, they would still be working, it’s quite and they don’t get a lot of spam mails. He likes to have fun with his subject lines for them to open it and when they do, he would immediately jump to highlight his credibility. They respond almost immediately but if they don’t, then he would send the exact same email after a week all over again. 

Using His Paternity Leave to Begin His Company

When his wife had a baby, he decided he was going to use that time to get ideas together and find something to jump with. He took 6 weeks off after the baby was born and he started building products. The idea was terrible as, after 6 months, he still wasn’t able to sell a single unit. He realized it was the wrong idea but something good still came out of it because, at the very least, this got him started. After that, a friend approached him to help do some digital marketing for them. It gave him a chance to learn and experience what a successful start-up looks at.

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