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Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game - Ivan de Cabo

Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game – Ivan de Cabo


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About the Episode

You will hear the inspirational story behind the viral game Steve the Jumping Dinosaur and how the creator received a $60K offer to sell the game during its first week of launch. And how it all started with him coming to the US for a summer program, working at deli to save enough money to fly to the Silicon Valley and now to selling his app business.

Ivan de Cabo is Developer of Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game.

Show Notes

The Beginning of Ivan’s Journey

Ivan wanted to study Business when he was in high school but ended up taking Computer Science. It was scary at first but it went well especially because there was a program which offered students to travel and work and in the US during the summer. He decided to go because he wants to see if he will like America and to confirm if Silicon Valley is as big as it is in the movies. He was assigned in the deli department of a supermarket in Boston and was fixed in his goal of saving enough money to be able to travel to Silicon Valley by the end of the summer program. By September, he had a ticket to Palo Alto and there he met his future boss and began his journey in the mobile app space.

How Steve the Jumping Dinosaur Came About and the Success that Followed

Ivan had never done a game before but one Friday, he decided to make one over the weekend. He decided on a casual, one tap game to start with but his internet connection got disconnected. It was during this time that he saw the Google dinosaur and a light bulb went off. In less than 24 hours after it was published, the game already got featured inwebsites and later on, even in TechCrunch. Downloads have passed the million mark at this timeand but even when it was just at 4k, he already received offers for the game as people see the potential of the game. It took nights of deliberation but he declined the offer knowing that he could grow the game further.

Show Mentions

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