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Show Notes

Storytelling with Facebook Ads

Sailor Bear achieved over 30,000 paying customers for their app just by a simple strategy: sharing their story on Facebook.

His wife, Daniella, shared a picture with their kids having coffee on Facebook and it quickly went viral. In fact, it was viewed by 2 million people, 11k commented on the post, it garnered 140k+ reactions, and it was shared 30k times. It was a simple post but it resonated with a lot of people because it turned out that 80% of parents struggle as well in getting their kids to sleep.

They went on to build their social media presence and now have 35k Instagram followers and 170k Facebook followers. People got interested and they connected with them more by building a relationship with them which led them to the app. Because they felt a connection with Daniella, they felt they know the person behind the app so if they release an in-app content, it was easy for them to make the purchase.

This is an easy thing to replicate, just take note of the 4 things that you need:

  1. An app with Facebook SDK – this is a way to measure if your campaign is working or not.
  2. Create a Brand Ambassador – it makes a difference if it’s a person talking to you versus a faceless brand.
  3. Story – People want to hear talking people about stuff, not brands talking about brands. Find your target and research on what is relevant to them.
  4. Test – Try your pictures out to see what will resonate more with your audience type. Test your call to action as well.

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