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Streaks - Quentin Zervaas

Streaks – Quentin Zervaas


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About the Episode

Did you know that a poorly done on boarding process can literally kill your app’s retention rate? Well today’s guest talks about the importance of a good on boarding process and how he eventually created his. Also, listen to the part of the show where we talk about how to come up with the tiny features that I believe make a good app into an excellent one.

Quentin Zervaas is the Maker of Streaks and Transit Times.

Show Notes

The Importance of a Good Onboarding Process

Quentin spent a lot of time on the onboarding process of Streaks after getting feedback from previous projects about their instructions being confusing. They have also foreseen that some of their features, without proper education, users might end up annoyed if they do not know how to properly use them and would delete the app straight away. The tutorial, which loads the moment you start the onboarding process, walks the users through on the basics of the app, gives them samples, and shares to them the goal of the app. They refined this by running the tutorial through a number of non-technical people who uses iPhones and test if they can get through the process.

This was one of the things that they built first as they looked at onboarding like test room development – build the test first and the software afterwards. With this, they built the tutorial first and make the app work according to that. They believe that this places people in the right mindset in becoming happier with the app.

Little Things that Turn Your App from Good to Excellent

There are two things I really love about Quentin’s app, which for me really moved the app from being a good app to an excellent one. The first one is the onboarding and tutorial process and the second is the little circle that fills up when you hold on it. These are the little things that bring elegance to the app. Quentin shares that his goal was to remove the boring portions by inserting these split-second animations.  He learned this from another game that they came up with and they have been juicing up features as much as they can. They spend a lot of time in these little features even if some may not notice because they know that it contributes to the overall feeling of the app.

Show Mentions

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