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StreetHawk - David Jones

StreetHawk – David Jones


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About the Episode

What are some barriers that are prohibiting your app’s viral growth? Well today’s guest built a mobile marketing automation platform and he shares the key components to increasing your k-factor. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares valuable insights on how you can re-engage your users.

David Jones is Co-Founder & CEO at StreetHawk.

Show Notes

Components in Increasing Your K-Factor. 

In increasing your k-factor, think of a way where you can increase your virality in a fun, playful but natural way. When you launch, do it with an engagement strategy in mind. Plan how you can stop your audience from churning and think of how they can share your app. You can do this by making engagement happen by designing your app in a way that sharing it is an easy task. Place the share button, for example, in the fore front but do not let it get in the way of the user experience. In contrast, it should be directly connected to where the delightful experience is.

Also, ponder about your usefulness to your users to avoid churn. Look at your utility and whether you are re-engaging your users.

One of the things that Dave had fixed to increase virality is the problem with links. For example, the usual scenario when you share your favorite recipe is that your friend who clicked on the link that you shared will be routed to a website or in the App Store where you can find the app, but does not find the actual recipe itself. Dave had ensured that, if you share an item, it will route you to the exact page to increase great experience.

Another strategy is to identify who the users who are actually valuable and encourage them to invite and share to friends through push notifications.

Re-engaging Your Users 

Learn more about your users through engagement tools. Figure out how you can get them to register after they spent a certain time with the app. Then, you can use this data to segment your users accordingly.

If the user has not used for app for some time, try to re-engage them through a push campaign. Think of the most interesting thing you can suggest to that user. Try it once and see if that re-ignites the relationship. Do this without being spammy – this is where segmenting users is important as you will need this information in coming up with unique engagement notifications.

If you can cut your churn down, it can increase potential monetization and the lifetime value of your users.

Show Mentions

Barriers to Viral Growth

– Fav app: MixBit: (iTunes)


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