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Coming up is a coaching call with a past client of mine. You will discover how to use Facebook and Apple search ads for marketing a paid app, how to figure out the right price point and finally how to run the paid to free campaign to test those price points.

João Santos is the Head of Marketing & Growth at Strips.

Show Notes

Marketing a Paid App

I have shared to João that one thing that he can do is to target a top photo app which people are used to paying since he was doing something completely different. This could eventually work for search ads as well as he is now targeting photo-specific apps which are paid and have done well in the App Store. This can be a way to check if he can convert some of these users to paid. Look for other keywords other than the usual which could work for you, which people are used to paying, so they come with the intent of paying.

Figuring Out the Right Price Point

I advised João to play around with pricing because people are willing to pay a little bit more for video apps. He has a dollar CPI because he is a $2-app but what if he is a $4 or a $5 app? Test on this to see how high you can go and for you not to be restricted with that $1CPI.

For pricing, my stand is that, it is rather worth testing than being too timid about it. I have a friend who ran the risk of having negative reviews but is killing it from a revenue perspective.

Another thing you can do is take a look at the competition whose price point is a lot higher than yours and start bidding on their terms. Start targeting their keywords,try matching their price point and run ads again to see what happens.


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