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Today’s guest is a friend of mine and more importantly, a successful indie app developer.

You will discover how decreasing his onboarding flow from 7 to 4 screens led to an increase in conversions, why he picks round prices for yearly subscriptions and how he’s using Apple Search Ads Basic and Advance to get incredible cost-per-installs.

Murphy Brantley is an indie app developer at the Brantley Media Group.


06:48 How feedback from users is important and often necessary for increasing installs; maximizing AB testing for app design and flow contribute to an app’s popularity.

08:48 Need ideas on what app to invest, create, and develop? A quick tip: Check app trends and which apps are being featured!

09:46 Simple yet critical steps in the onboarding that can make or break subscriptions and retention.

12:20 How a pricing page layout (color, word placement, design) can heavily influence conversions.

14:25 The psychology of numbers (how to make your app pricing more appealing).

19:08 The inside information in running search ads: Should you do basic or advanced?

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Credit Karma
– Murphy’s app: Robot Call Blocker


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