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In this video, we’ll analyze and audit the most popular mobile game of all time which has crossed over 3B downloads and today still remain in the top charts. How was this game, which was released in 2012, been able to stay in the charts and still grows over $1M a month?


01:00 – The copycats and competitors of Subway Surfers who also managed to make good money off similar mechanics and gameplay of the game.

03:43 – Analyzing the gameplay and finding the reasons why the game is so successful.

07:06 – Loot boxes, prize wheels — why they have a big impact on users and why you should add them to your game.

09:25 – Adding double-ups and bonuses in your game so users can watch more ads and make their experience feel more rewarding.

10:05 – Adding the “save me” feature to convince your users to watch your ads and play your game even more.

Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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