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Today’s guest made over a $1M with his viral app, The Ugly Meter, and he shares how he transitioned from a successful product to running a software development agency. You will discover how they help startups rapidly prototype their MVP, why planning is so important as your team grows and why he decided to run an agency rather than continuing to make more products.

Jo Overline is CEO / Co-Founder at SwingDev.

Show Notes

Key Learnings as Their Team Grows

As their team grows, they have learned the value of planning and working close to their clients as partners and not just developing stuff for them. Having good project managers who are truly interested in the projects that they are working on also makes all the difference in the world. They are selective on who they take on as clients by analyzing their incoming leads and find out who the best people are to make sure that they uphold their reputation. Anybody who comes in will be their partner so they have to have a unique idea which could succeed and that they really have what it takes to execute it. They have to have potential for success.

The Decision to Run an Agency  Rather Than Making More Products

Jo shares that generally, software developers are creative people and they get excited when they build products but it is such a hard thing to do. After they wasted over a year for a game, even if the experience was great and they were happy they did it, they saw that, business-wise, it was horrible. So they asked themselves if they really want to risk making their own things and keep going forward or they can choose to have fun in start-ups and have people pay them make new products. It seemed very logical for them as far as business aspect is concerned. For a handful of people, they now grew to about 50 so we did really well after they took this route.

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