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Are you feeling like you’re doing too much in your business? Well today’s guest shows how he figures out what to systemize and how to overcome that feeling you get when you say “I can’t systemize this, only I can do this”. Also, he reveals how he first used Upwork to build out his own agency.

Zlatko Bijelic is the Founder at Tako Agency – creators of Sparetoolz.


02:14 – The Tako Agency: how they started and how they built it.

04:27- How to find clients on Upwork.

06:08- The right moment to switch over, build out your team, and hire your first employee.

7:36- Why you should consider Shopify as an e-Commerce platform.

11:14- Strategies in coming up with processes and how to put them to use.

18:41- How to decide what kind of product people need and they don’t need.

24:44- How to come up with topics and strategies to focus on.

27:15- Balancing dev work and client work to decide what project you want to bring up

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