The App Battle Season 2: Chic vs Geek

Our contender for this season is developer / marketerCharles McKeever from Open Source Marketer. In the previous season, Gabe and I focused more on the marketing side of things so this time around, the battle will rageon from a developer’s perspective for you to learn with us in this journey on what to expect in this other phase of the mobile app business.

App Battle: Tips to Develop a Mobile App for Under $1,000

Tips to Build an App for Under $1,000. Hear Steve and Gabriel’s tips on how to build an app for under $1,000. You will also hear tips from Charles McKeever from Corona Geek, Scott Ruth from MyAppVenture, and Dennis Bowles from iPhone App Experiment.

The App Battle 002 – Rules & Clever Ways to Validate Ideas

Gab and I lay out the rules for our app battle; what’s allowed and what’s not. Also, listen to the different approaches we both have about generating and validating our ideas. And lastly if you want to join the app battle with us, visit