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Apple Search Ads for Paid Apps

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You’re going to discover how Apple Search Ads work for your paid apps.

If you have good organic traffic and people are converting, then search ads will be very helpful for you. However, if you have less traffic, Apple won’t consider your app as good or relevant, so you won’t get a lot of impressions. As a result, your search visibility will be limited. You will not appear on some searches when a user looks for the app. Also, for those who think that their ranking will increase if they use search ads, this will only happen if your app is better than your competitors. This is because your conversion rate is NOT as good as the other apps, so it won’t help you a lot.
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6 Expert Tips for Apple Search Ads

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We’ve talked about Apple Search Ads in a previous post, where we discussed what they were and how they can affect you as a developer or as a mobile app publisher, now, it’s time to dive deeper into Apple Search Ads and hear from the experts and learn a few tips and tricks about how you can effectively use it.

Since its launch, there have been many reactions to Apple Search Ads, some loved the fact that they don’t have to share the revenue they earn with Apple and others think that it’s the worst thing that Apple has ever done, claiming that it will only benefit big mobile app developers and publishers and leave Indie app developers and publishers out in the cold.

The last claim is only true if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is where you should read on.

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