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655: David Reichelt, Creator of Color Switch

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Hey guys, I’ve got a really cool interview with the creator of color switch a very popular game with David Reichelt. It’s a different format than you might be used to hearing but it is the backstory – what was David like, what was he doing before he became ultra famous and ultra rich because I actually asked him how much money he made from the game.

It’s a completely different format way, loose than you what you might be used to hearing from me. What I would really love from you is feedback, let me know what you think of these type of episodes because it is the origins of a brand new podcast that I want to release really soon. So listen in on the backstory of Color Switch Creator, David Reichelt.

David Reichelt is the Creator of Color Switch.

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433: Color Switch creator on game design & creativity with David Reichelt

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I’ve got the creator of the hit app, Color Switch, to talk about game design including the two specific strategies he used to come up with the idea for the game. Also, listen to how a tragic event in his life led him to having the success that he is having today.

David Reichelt is the creator of Color Switch.


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