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How to Change From In-App Purchases to Subscriptions

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Want to know how to go from a one-time in-app purchase model to a subscription based app?

In this video, Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO at Life Lapse, will share how:

– How she knew that a one-time in app purchase wasn’t a sustainable business model?

– Whether a monthly and annual subscription was more popular?

– Other strategies that she implemented to get conversion rates from 1% to 6%?

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Why you should ignore your App Store reviews

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Have you been afraid to add in-app purchases because of bad app store reviews?

Do you obsess over what app store reviewers will say about your changes and ways to try monetizing your app?

We’re going to talk about why it’s sometimes okay to ignore those overly vocal few who post negative reviews. We’re going to talk about whose reviews you should be focusing on, rather than those you shouldn’t.

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