Gneo: How to Focus on The Most Important Tasks with Anthony Keane

Do you have a laundry list of to-dos and struggle to prioritize which tasks are the most important? Well today’s guest built a productivity app that allows you to easily see which tasks will have the biggest impact on your life. And Apple even featured it as the Best of 2013. Also, listen to our discussion about app marketing and how to get your app noticed by Apple and the press.

Super Cool: How to Knock Down Barriers with Jordan Price

Do you have a grand vision for your app that includes a crazy amount of features? Well listen to how today’s guest decided to remove all the inhibiting barriers during his app development process and how that completely changed his mind set. Plus, listen to how today’s guest went through 4 developers and the lessons learned along the way.

Roof Rack Ranger: Grassroots App Marketing with Mike Kindig

Are you just marketing your app within the normal app marketing channels? Well, listen to the grassroots marketing campaign that got today’s guest over his fear of sales. Plus, listen to the approach that today’s guest has about increasing his exposure by creating content for his app website.

Mixergy: How to Overcome Your Inner Doubts with Andrew Warner

Are you like me and sometimes struggle with the negative chatter that goes on in your head? Well today’s guest shows us how to own that chatter and use it to empower ourselves. Also, listen to the story of when he decided to charge for his content and the valuable lessons learned along the way.