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An Interview on SMB Stories: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Real Business

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Listen to Steve’s interview on SMB Stories and how he turn his side hustle into a Real Business. You will discover:

Being a small business owner of a side business is no small feat. Most people don’t do it. Starting a side business is serious stuff! And we need to take it seriously

It all comes back to what you have as a vision and goal for yourself. If accomplishing your vision will require that you set a goal to create a business that will support you within 6 months, that is going to drive you to make the sacrifices you need to when you really only feel like watching that movie. If your vision is just “someday I’m going to start that business.” Well, guess what, no you won’t.

Going through this exercise will help you find the time you need to get a side business started. Having a vision will help you dedicate yourself to using that time effectively. Now that you have the time and dedication, there are only two things left! Getting started and then keep on going.

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