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Tape - Garret Alan Jiroux

Tape – Garret Alan Jiroux


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About the Episode

How do you approach influencers and celebrities about your app? Well today’s guest breaks down his process from working with a few big stars. Also, listen to the part of the show when he talks about how he hustled his way to raising money for his startup.

Garret Alan Jiroux is the President and Co-founder at Tape.

Show Notes

How to Get Influencers and Celebrities to Promote an App: 

  • Tie the App with what influencers and celebrities are doing – find a value in the app that influencers and celebrities can use in their own activities and focus on that. Get these influencers to check out the app to see if they find value in it. If they like it, then you can pitch them to help out with promotion.
  • Be Natural – people can see through insincerity or forced marketing. Always make sure before you make a pitch to these influencers that they have seen your app, used it or perhaps understand its use.

Strategies to Raise Startup Funds:

  • Step 1: Approach family members – if you have a family member who has extra cash for investment, this is the right person to approach when you have nothing but an idea. This can be tricky because these family members may have zero knowledge of the app business and depending on your credibility with them, either they will agree to be a partner or will wait it out until you show convincing determination and work habits.
  • Step 2: Approach Existing Employers or People You Have Worked in the Past – these people see you differently from family members; they have seen your work habits, ethics and drive. Establishing credibility is much easier with these people but they require lots of paperwork, a share in profits and perhaps some control of how the project proceeds.
  • Step 3: Go Back and Approach Family Members Again – once you are in the initial stages of negotiation with existing employers or friends and are about to put agreements in place in black and white, go back to that family member and show the validation of your idea. You are now in a position to show proof of the soundness of your idea – other people are willing to put money in it . This is the best time that you can convince a family member to partner with you.

Show Mentions

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