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Taplytics - Cobi Druxerman

Taplytics – Cobi Druxerman


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About the Episode

Are you looking for ways to improve your signup conversions? Well today’s guest is the co-founder at Taplytics and he shares how Frank and Oak increased their signups by 150%. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the tools and tactics that you can use to really delight your customers.

Cobi Druxerman is Co-Founder, CMO at Taplytics.

Show Notes

Increase Signups by 150%

The user experience is a delicate balance of just about everything. The app’s functionality, ease of use, and ability to please the user’s senses are all incorporated in this nebulous idea called user experience.

Improving the user experience can increase sign ups and a developer must watch out for the following potential pitfalls in any app:

  • Log in process – Shorten the log in process as much as possible. Do away with a full page explanation of what the app is, what it can do in the log in process.
  • Choice of social sign in – users like to be linked to the social media apps yet there are concerns about privacy. Consider the pros and cons of linking an app to Facebook versus a social sign in using Google+. Some users may hesitate if it is Facebook but will find Google+ comfortable. This can lead to a substantial increase in downloads.

Tools and Tactics to Delight Customers

Make yourself available to the users. Have a phone number users can call, an email address they can use to reach you or a way to chat with you. This is really important because the app, especially the kickstart version of it, can really frustrate users. Thus, the best thing a developer can do is to make himself available so that users can immediately ask questions.

Show Mentions

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