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About the Episode

Coming up are you having difficulty trying to find a technical co-founder or developer? Well today’s guest shares how he lost 5 months of development in hiring the wrong developer and how you can avoid his mistake. Also listen to the process he used to research his app idea to see if it was worth building it.

Mark Lichman is the Founder / President at MDi Touch Inc. makers of TapPainter.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is Marck Lichman, Founder of MDi Touch,the makers of the app, Tap Painter. Tap Painter is an interior design app which will allow users to photograph their interior using a mobile camera and virtually re-paint the interior walls.

Mark’s idea was to use a mobile device to visualize walls in new colors, in real time. This requires preservation of the existing lighting conditions on the walls, as well as accurate adjustment of the new colors to account for those lighting conditions.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Mark:

  • Where the idea of Tap Painter came from and the first step he took in pursuing the idea,
  • His search for a co-founder: why going to Meet Ups didn’t work out for him, hiring someone but ending up as a wrong fit, what he could’ve done differently in retrospect after finally hiring a physicist,
  • His decision to build a scalable model on the onset and the development process that followed,
  • Doing market researches and going through their product launch,
  • How press reviews impacted downloads and how Twitter affected their traction,
  • Twitter search strategies for people to follow, and
  • About his Kick starter and what he would have done differently to have turned things around and made it successful.

Show Mentions

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