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TapSense - Gregory Kennedy

TapSense – Gregory Kennedy


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About the Episode

Coming up is a recording from a Meetup I did with Gregory Kennedy of Tapsense. In the interview, you’ll hear how to optimize your mobile game for ad monetization. Also, listen to the part of the show where we discuss real-time bidding (RTB) and why private RTB works best.

Gregory Kennedy is the Senior VP of Marketing at TapSense.

Show Notes

Optimizing Your Mobile Game Ad Monetization

If you build a great product but you can’t monetize it, it is not a very great business. That is why Gregory is emphasizing that developers should take the business part seriously starting from the very beginning. In terms of mediation, he advises for developers not to work with just one partner, in contrast, work with as many as you can manage to get great results in increasing your advertising monetization. Also, look for other options as an ad which can work for one game might or might not work on yours. Be open to other different monetization options including virtual goods and purchasing, or you can mix advertising with purchases to integrate them into one unique and interesting experience.

Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding or RTB is essentially taking a stock exchange model and applying it to the advertising space. It has the same principle where, rather than having people manually write orders or buy and manage inventories, there is just a system which does the ad trading in the background to make it more efficient and effective to the publisher and the advertiser.

Developers should care about the private component of RTB for them to have more control over the implementation of the RTB. Think of it this way, on the exchange, all the apps details are made public for advisers to buy. This is great for the advertiser but not necessarily the same for the publisher. This is particularly true if you have data which is unique to your app which you don’t want to share with others. If you own valuable data that you want to control how it is used to monetize better or you want to protect for your consumers, you should go for private RTB.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Think about the monetization aspect before you get started. Make sure you have some idea on how you are going to approach that because if you don’t incorporate it in, it’s going to be hard to insert it back in the design once you are pretty far down the path of developing it. Consider all the options out there and make sure it fits with whatever the entertainment game vision you have to and find the right mix of things.


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