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You’re going to hear from a founder who quit his job and 7 months into building his project his main customers were not going to buy thereby ending the whole project. You will hear how he recovered to build a successful consulting business and a new app called Taste. You will also discover why certain entrepreneurs make it and why others have to go back to corporate life.

Andy Seavers is the CEO / CO-FOUNDER at Taste.

Show Notes

Recovering from Major Set Backs

When Andy decided to quit his job and jump into entrepreneurship full time, he started creating different projects and ended up with a parking app. They wanted to give free parking through advertising. Seven months into the project, they were in conversations with the biggest parking companies in the US and within a week, they suddenly announced that they were not interested. It was a shock as they met with them multiple times and their previous conversations went well.  And just like that, their whole business model was gone. They had to make a decision what next steps to take and they ended up pivoting. He went into consulting to pay the bills and this served as an important experience as an entrepreneur.

How to Make it as an Entrepreneur

Seven months after he left his full time jobs, Andy had faced the reality that he had ended up with debts and got burned out.Thoughts of him going back to work floated in his mind but he realized that this is the moment when you need to persevere whatever it takes. So for him, ultimately, perseverance is what sets a successful entrepreneur apart from the rest. Once the comfortable, excitement phase wears off, that’s when you really have to go for it.

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