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OHear - Steve O'Hear

OHear – Steve O’Hear


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About the Episode

I’ve got Techcrunch writer Steve O’Hear to talk about the things you need to know when sending him a pitch and some ninja tips to make your pitch really stand out. Also, listen to the part of the show when I ask him rapid fire PR questions so he can call B.S. on some of my strategies.

Steve O’Hear is Writer at TechCrunch.

Show Notes

How to Pitch Steve

Steve prefers news exclusively as he always likes to be first. Steve shares that this feeds a journalist’s ego and it’s also a brand thing. It will give the publication the reputation of being first or being in the know so it’s a way of attracting readers. One thing that journalists hate is when you send a so-called exclusive to many writers and worse, if those writers are in the same publication. Another insulting thing is sending a public message in Twitter and seeing that you sent them to other people. This is spam-pitching.

Another bad protocol is jumping from one writer to another without the knowledge of the original writer. Even if this is done for a good reason, such as knowing for a fact that the latter writer is the better fit, it will destroy relationships.

Good subject lines for Steve exclude stunts or trying some clever tactics. Just place the product or start up name so he can search for it in Google and get straight to the point. Also, try to be useful outside of your product. 

His Answers to Some PR Questions

Is it better to send emails on Thursdays and Fridays? –This is not a good advice as journalists are already in weekend mode by this time. Monday is a good day to pitch as long as you give at least two days’ notice.

Is it good to launch on a Thursday or Friday? – This can be true. Just don’t ever launch a product when there’s an Apple keynote or announcement and if you are trying to get coverage in a blog like TechCrunch, don’t compete with the news cycles as you will get knocked off from the homepage quickly.

Show Mentions

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