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TeliApp - Joshua Weiss

TeliApp – Joshua Weiss


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About the Episode

Are you like me and you get embarrassed or ashamed when you have to ask a business question? Like I should already know this? Well today’s guest had a humbling start to his current business and talks about why it’s important to lose your ego and emotions when running your business. Also, listen to the one mistake he learned after exiting from his previous company.

Josh Weiss is Founder & CEO at TeliApp Corporation.

Show Notes

LoseYour Ego and Emotions When Running a Business

Josh says that he learned far more from his mistakes rather than from his failures and one of the biggest ones he committed was being too embarrassed to ask help believing that he can do it on his own. If you have a need, we have to turn off our ‘emotion switch’and if we need something, we should not be too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help.  Only an entrepreneur can relate on how some of our situations can call for excruciating needs and so, who better to tap than the people who know you and care about you the most. Having more information is always better as you can make more logical and intelligent decisions basing on this information that you get from your network.

A Mistake Learned After Exiting His Previous Company

Josh thought he knew a lot because he developed a company from infancy until it became a multi-million company but it turned out that there was plenty that he did not know. Had he leveraged on his network, researched, placed his ego aside and asked for help, he believes the mistakes that he had done may not have happened at all. With this, he advises never presume to know more than you think you know. Forget everything you know or what you think you know.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Voom – Carpool for Kids: (iTunes)

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