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Today’s guest is the VP of Product for one of my favorite apps called RoboKiller. You will discover how they used Facebook ads to test screenshot concepts, what helped with growth early on in the days and how to properly test pricing when it comes to subscription apps.

Ethan Garr is the VP of Product at TelTech Systems, Inc.

Show Notes

Why Many Love RoboKiller?

RoboKiller is a unique and awesome app that automatically blocks over 200,000 unwanted calls from telemarketers and robocalls. In addition, the app features Answer Bots that answer the spam calls to waste the telemarketers’ time.

Individuals who don’t have this app can enjoy its benefits too because when the Answer Bot answers the call, it wastes the spammer’s time by holding it in a conversation for minutes or hours. In this way, the spammer can make lesser unwanted calls.

RoboKiller Wants Their Customers To Get The Value Of Their Service As Quickly As Possible

The company wants to let their customers feel that their service is valuable and they want to show this as early as possible. So, one can see the brand’s excellent service from their design, features and statistics.

RoboKiller invested in the right people and team to deliver great service. They work with a great marketing team and amazing designers. In addition, they always take the time to test and optimize their work. They also check their customers’ reaction and their conversion rate whenever they try something new. The team always find ways to improve their craft.

Show Mention

How to Kickstart Your Growth Process
– Fav app: RoboKiller: (iTunes | Google Play)

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