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The Band Famous - Mary Norell Jackson

The Band Famous – Mary Norell Jackson


The Band Famous - Jacob Alexander Figueroa

The Band Famous – Jacob Alexander Figueroa


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About the Episode

Are you always giving in to what other people want? Well today’s guests talk about ways you can stop underselling yourself and how to use psychology in your business activities. Also, listen to the way they like to talk to customers to get them to reveal their real problems so that they can provide the right solution.

Norell Jackson and Zander Figueroa are the founders of The Band Famous.

Show Notes

Using Psychology in Your Business Activities

When someone comes in and says that they have an idea for an app, it can sometimes be a difficult process to translate the technical aspects over to them. With getting clients and getting people, you will have greater success if you understand them as a person so you have to understand their expectations as a person rather than as a programmer. If they ask you a question, give them a genuine answer. And if you want to really understand what they want, ask what meets their needs specifically given their certain budget and what they are trying to accomplish or what their end goal really is. Don’t try to overwhelm them too much information instead, just give them the essentials and build it from there. 

Ways You Can Stop Underselling Yourself

You have to respect yourself and respect that you may have too much in your plate at the moment that you can’t help the other person. It is nothing personal, they just have to wait and understand that we are all humans doing the best we can. Don’t undersell yourself either. Take time to build a proposal, document milestones so they understand that things take time, communicate with clients (using video can get the message more genuinely) and build a long-term relationship with them.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Couch Surfing : (iTunes | Google Play)

Zander and Norell’s agency Phonix LLC


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