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The BLU market - Steven Forkosh

The BLU market – Steven Forkosh


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About the Episode

Today’s guest says he can make even a blank app hit the top charts in the Apple App Store. So I brought him on to share some App Store secrets and also how to use influence marketing to climb the charts. Also, listen to how he got Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers to become his co-founder.

Steven Forkosh is Founder & CEO at The BLU market, Inc.

Show Notes

Using Influencer Marketing to Climb the Charts 

The BLU Market works with influencers to promote apps and they currently have 9k influencers and over 350 million followers in their networks using different types of channels to promote their advertisers. They used to aggregate influencers to do brand campaigns but got great results when they tested in mobile apps as well. They got an app to the top of the charts by posting in every single one of their pages once and got to number one in the entire world in 14 hours, had 6.5 million installs in five days which generated $50-$60 per day. When they saw the results, they knew it was something they can make a future on.

Getting Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers to Become His Co-founder

A mentor who knew Kevin Jonas set up a meeting with Steven and though they were in different businesses, they had similarities in their lifestyles including being a dad and having a love for social media and mobile apps. Kevin believed that he could push his team up because when he goes to a client, no matter how big they are, he gets their attention everytime he walks in. They ended up joining forces and Kevin became the face of the company.

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  • MacUser says:

    Blow my mind .. Great!! interview ..

    I was thinking something like this and trying different things like Instagram, Facebook to drive downloads. And that is working (drive installs from FB and IG) but not able to maintain lot of accounts .. Need to learn from this interview and getting this work.

    Thanks Steve to get such great people to getting more knowledge about app marketing. Thanks you so much Steve. You are Super Star. <3

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