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Today’s guest ran growth and user acquisition for Zynga, Bingo Bash and FreshPlanet makers of the widely popular SongPop app. You will discover how he sold SEM services to those who didn’t even know about the internet, how they sacrificed short-term monetization to increase long-term retention and finally how Facebook video ads with influencers have decreased their cost per install.

Shamanth M. Rao is VP Growth & User Acquisition at FreshPlanet and is the host of The How Things Grow Podcast.

Show Notes

How to Market to People Who Have No Idea About Internet

“Shamanth ran a search engine marketing agency in India in 2009, and targeted small businesses. This was a time when internet marketing and search marketing were both very new in India, and not many businesses were familiar with these.
Shamanth thought his decks and strategies would be all that would be required to sell his clients on adopting search engine marketing in their businesses. His had a big epiphany when his sales manager at the time told him: “You just show up, dress well and speak in English so they are impressed. I’ll build the relationship and do the selling.” This drove home the point to Shamanth that the impression of expertise & building of the relationship mattered as much as results that he was able to deliver.

Why Use Social Media Influencers to Market Your App?

According to Shamanth, they have a good influencer traffic. It wasn’t the best traffic, but it was cost-effective because it was cheap. This made him think of having the influencers play the game itself.

The social media influencer plays the game while somebody else records the activity at their back. This strategy results in a tremendous drop in CPI about 60-70%. This probably works better than animation because the cartoons characters don’t capture the normal reactions from real players.

Shamanth added that one of the best creatives that work for them is a 6-second video that shows an influencer and the best feature of the game. It doesn’t even show the influencer’s face and doesn’t mention any features or value propositions just the single most important proposition of the game.

If you want to work with a social media influencer, Shamanth recommends that you work with an agency.

Show Mention

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