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Today’s guest was held up at gunpoint for 3 hours and he shares how that experience completely changed his mindset. You will also discover how he used Instagram to overcome self doubt, specific apps to use when trying to grow your IG followers and how to take the perfect photo of your abs.

Paul Lam is the host of The Path Hunters podcast.

Show Notes

Using Instagram to Overcome Self Doubt

When Paul posted his first photo in Instagram, it was really hard for him as he was thinking about what other people would say plus the fact that it was really awkward. He thought at first that posting pictures of his abs would be so superficial but his personal trainer said that if inspires somebody in the world to do better in their life, you need to do it. After finally picking the one that he wanted after hundreds of photos, he posted it and people started asking him about fitness so it got the reaction that they have hoped for.

Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Abs

Taking pictures of abs is not as easy as it looks. Paul shares that he works on his abs through sit ups and crunches before he finishes the day up. Then he takes off his shirt and looks for a space where the lighting is on top of him or almost in front of you. You then take the picture on your camera first rather than in Instagram directly. Croop then zoom in. Boom, that’s your content.

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