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Thoughtbot - Jack Nutting

Thoughtbot – Jack Nutting

Thoughtbot - RedaLemeden

Thoughtbot – RedaLemeden


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About the Episode

How can you use design elements to increase user engagement? Well today’s guests share the design patterns that help your users better navigate your app and keep them engaged longer. Also, if you are writing a blog or an eBook then listen to the part of the show where one of the guests shares his one hack to make sure your readers remember your teachings.

Jack Nutting is a Software Developer at Thoughtbot and an author.

Reda Lemeden is the Design Director at Thoughtbot.

Show Notes

Using Design Elements to Increase User Engagement

The main idea to keep in mind when making an app is to keep things simple. There are so many solutions out there and picking the right navigational tool is the key to a successful app. Most developers have a tendency to have trouble with navigation because of the numerous possible solutions. They completely miss out the crucial point that users have to be guided to what they should do once the app is opened.  If there are too many options, users can be overwhelmed. App navigation, therefore, should be simple and intuitive. When users open the app, they should immediately know what to look at, what to click on. Visibility and usability should always be obvious and easy.

A good analogy of a developer’s navigational tool dilemmais the driver’s dilemma when reading road signs, traffic signs and traffic lights. A driver, depending on what he needs may either stop to look at a really small road sign, glance at a traffic light or keep road signs in his peripheral vision knowing he will be able to clearly read them because the signs are clearly visible. Users must have the option to have the easiest one at their disposal when using an app.  The developer must be able to answer what the users will be using 80-90 percent of the time on the app, and then tab bars or hamburgers are the best choice because they are easily visible and easily clickable, even if the users are riding in a moving vehicle. Facebook is very much into tabs. Share, Like, are its good examples, so are notification and message.

Big applications are also using a good strategy of breaking into smaller apps. Facebook for instance has Messenger for chat and talk.

The One Hack to Ensure Maximum Retention 

Repetition wins hands down as the tool to use for maximum retention. The one hack that truly works is to tell the readers what you want to write about, then you write about it and then you tell the reader what you wrote about.  Introduction, body and summary contain the same information.  Reiteration ensures maximum retention.

Show Mentions

Rototo App

Reactive Cocoa

– Fav app: Tweetbot: (iTunes)

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