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Are you feeling like does the world need another weather, podcast or scanner app? Well today’s guests shares why he decided to create a scanner app and why you might want to build an app in a competitive space. Also, he reveals the best performing ad creative, how to optimize Facebook ads for conversions, and how to integrate influencer marketing with your Facebook ads.

Malcolm Parrish is an App Entrepreneur and Software Engineer at Seven Mile Apps.


02:43 – Why Malcolm specifically chose a scanner app and why this kind of market is a good space to be in.

05:40 – Using search ads, Facebook ads and blogs as strategies for boosting your app.

11:44 – How to optimize Facebook ads for events.

15:30 – Using weekly subscriptions and how to do it properly.

16:59 – How your ad creatives affect conversions even if you don’t change the app too much.

25:53 – Properly applying the word “free” and how to use it best for your subscriptions/product.

27:55 – Remembering the importance of reviews and how you should get your users to leave one.

32:00 – Using influencer marketing and how to project a positive image towards influencers.

Show Mentions

Influencer Marketing Mastery
– Fav app: VideoLeap


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