Want an easy, simple way that you can use to increase your mobile game revenue? Well today’s guest shares why adding rewarded surveys can double your revenue even with as little as 20 daily active users. Also, you will discover why rewarded surveys increase app engagement, what types of content is best for rewarded surveys and what are the components of a very successful monetization scheme.

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Tom Hammond is the Co-founder and CEO at TheoremReach.


03:03 – The advantage of integrating survey or video rewards on mobile games to increase revenue and how they can help retain users.

10:17 – Best practices that you need to have better monetization schemes.

14:25 – How to prevent a user from abandoning the survey or video rewards.

18:37 – Things to consider when starting a game studio.

25:47 – When to start asking the “Whys” to reach your goal.

28:12 – How to choose the right game when monetizing.


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