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In this video, Tom and I discuss about increasing your game revenue using rewarded surveys.

This is a snippet of our App Masters Virtual Summit 2020 held last June 8, 2020.

Tom Hammond is the Co-founder and CEO at TheoremReach.


In this video, you will discover:

01:20 – Where the idea for TheoremReach came from.

02:50 – Why rewarded surveys:

– Rewarded surveys vs other monetization strategies

– Why rewarded surveys increase app engagement

– The types of content that’s best for rewarded surveys


With over 120 million happy users, TheoremReach is helping app developers make more money with fun, rewarded surveys that you can easily add to your app.

App Radar will save you time with its unified ASO workflow and save you money with its Apple Search Ads team who will optimize your campaigns and increase your ROAS.

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