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About the Episode

Have you heard about pay what you want pricing where you let your customers decide how much they want to pay you? Well today’s guest is an expert at this pricing strategy and he tells us how he’s manage to launch consulting sessions, books, and even retreats using this model. Also, listen to his hack on how to increase email signups on every one of your blog posts.

Tom is a West Point grad and Iraq war veteran turned entrepreneur, publisher, and pricing consultant. He’s the Author of three books, the Founder of Insurgent Publishing, and The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing.

Show Notes

Pricing Strategy: Pay What You Want 

In this pricing strategy, you basically give your customers the freedom to pay you with whatever they feel the value of the service or product is. There are risks as there may be bottom feeders looking for a free ride but there are also advantages as there are generous givers looking for opportunities to nurture talents. This exact scenario had happened in a conference where they applied this same strategy but just because its ‘pay what you want’ didn’t mean they gave everyone access. They funneled through their audience by putting up a Google form for people interested to apply, they had them indicate what price range they want to pay (there were three who went up to the 10k mark) and decided from there who they will accept. By putting this application process, you remove the fear and doubt that they must sell it to the first person who shows up…the person has to be the right fit.

For his consulting sessions, Tom started with this strategy initially as an experiment but he ended up with clients. The lowest payment he got for his consulting services was $17 and the highest was $250 and his clients love the fact that they have the opportunity to choose their price.  In a customer service standpoint, with this pricing strategy, you will be pressing for excellence as you will need to satisfy your customers at the end of the day to be paid for value.

How to Increase Email Sign Ups 

What Tom finds to be the best use of his time is that every time he creates a new piece of content for his blog, he creates a lead magnet for it. Every blog that he writes has an upsell to it. It is generally free but customers have to opt in to get that presented bonus and this is what he calls a value upgrade. This has sky rocketed his conversion.

An example is an article which he recently wrote about pivoting in business and his upsell was a creation of a pdf workbook stating that it had a checklist and more details about the topic and they can download it free if they opt in or sign up.

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Pivot Framework

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