1. Techcrunch – Steve O’Hear

I’ve got Techcrunch writer Steve O’Hear to talk about the things you need to know when sending him a pitch and some ninja tips to make your pitch really stand out. Also, listen to the part of the show when I ask him rapid fire PR questions so he can call B.S. on some of my strategies.

2. The Next Web – Martin Bryant

You know how I’ve been blogging, podcasting and webinaring on how to pitch the press, well I brought on The Editor-at-Large at The Next Web to see if my strategies are just plain baloney. If you ever wanted to know how to pitch, then stop all distractions, because this is the episode for you.

3. Netted by the Webbys – Michael Charboneau

I’ve always said that PR isn’t always great for downloads, but when we’ve had clients featured on Netted we’ve seen some tremendous growth. So, I brought on the Editor at Netted to share how to pitch him, what he looks for in apps and a formula you can use to get his attention.

4. Mediaegg LLC. – Aliza Sherman

Do you have difficulty with writing a bio or trying to sell yourself? Well today’s guest talks about how to properly promote yourself and hook people from the start. Also, if you are looking to speak at conferences then listen to her tips about how to find conferences and sell yourself as a speaker.

5. Pooductive – Marco Hernandez

You will hear from an entrepreneur who booked a one way ticket to San Francisco from Munich and how he cleverly set up in-person meetings with a few notable professors. Also, listen to the part of the show where he reveals the clever hacks he used to get massive press for their current project.

6. Rushing Vice – Piotr Bula & Szymon Ulewicz

In this episode you will hear from two indie developers who used a website to get press coverage for their game. We talk about a lot of tools and tricks that you can use for marketing a mobile game..

7. PressFriendly – Joel Andren

Are you having trouble getting press or reviews for your app? Well today’s guest walks us through the key things you need to include in the email when reaching out to the press. Also, listen to his tip on how to find the right co-founder for your business.

8. iPhoneLife – Alex Cequea

Are you looking for a way to get publicity for your app? Well today’s guest breaks down a process that you can use to craft your own story to get the attention of the press. Also, listen to the email that today’s guest receive and why you should NEVER send something similar.

9. Novice No Longer – Dann Berg

Are you looking to get press for your app? Well today’s guest was a former reviews editor at The Verge and he tells us what kind of email pitches stood out to him. Also, listen to the reason why you should NOT use Elance or oDesk when looking for your next app developer.

10. Emojiface – Daniel Mclean

Are you having trouble getting a response from a reporter or influencer? Well listen to how today’s guest personalized his pitch to get media exposure and also a partnership with Verizon. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares some questions you should ask yourself to see if your app idea is actually worth pursuing.

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