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Coming up is a coaching call where you will discover how to grow downloads for an app that people may NOT want or even search for? You will discover how to come up with different types of keywords, how to come up with the right copy for your screenshots and how to maximize the Spanish Mexico ASO trick.

Aleksander Skjoelsvik is the creator of TransKey.

Show Notes

How to Bring More Users To Your App?

If your app is not gaining enough search volume, you can target the more popular apps that offer the same services as yours. For instance, if you are creating a translator app and you don’t have enough users due to low visibility, try to target the more popular keywords like English to Spanish translator or Spanish to English translator because those type of keywords have a lot of traffic.

For the impression standpoint, I suggest that you also make your idea clear and easy for your potential customers to understand. For instance, describing the app as “translate messages directly inside any app” because it translates your words as you type may be difficult for some to grasp. However, if you say “Hey, no more copy and pasting” or “Translate while you type,” it would be more appealing and easier to comprehend for your audience because it’s more specific.

Make Your App More Comprehensible and Accessible For Users

For this example, since the app translates as you type, I recommend a tagline that connects the keyboard and the translator. For example, you can use “Translator Plus Keyboard” for your first screenshot. For the second screenshot, you can say, “Translate while you type.” Third, “highlight to translate over a hundred languages.” And lastly, “Never leave your app to translate.” I also suggest that you run a paid-to-free campaign because this strategy can increase your downloads massively.

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