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About the Episode

Do you think influencer marketing is about finding the person with the biggest following and having them share your app or product? Well today’s guest tells us why that is the biggest misconception and what you should really be looking for in your influencers.

Victor Ricci is Founder at Trend Pie, LLC.

Show Notes

The Biggest Misconception in Influencer Marketing

The biggest misconception in influencer marketing is that a lot of people will target the biggest internet celebrities, pay them thousands of dollars for a video or an Instagram post and think that that’s it, they are going to be #1 in the App Store and it will be easily selling from there.This is not the case. If you will pay someone $20,000 for a post, you better be really sure that you will get that money back.

What people do not realize is that we have smaller accounts out there that have higher engagement rates and have more foundations than these celebrities. So target the accounts where you can get reasonable prices and get those killer engagement rates. If you run it with one celebrity and it doesn’t click, you lose your money because you won’t have the room to counteract. If you run it with smaller influencers but with super active accounts, even if several posts flop but several also work, it will counterbalance the effect. At the end of the day, you will be saving money and getting more downloads.

What to Look for in Your Influencers

If you see an account with a million followers but when he or she posts a tweet, it only gets 10 likes, that should be concerning. If you see someone with 10 followers but gets 100k likes for a tweet, that should also be a red flag to tell you that something doesn’t add up. Find someone with a 100k follower and also gets about 100k likes when posting.This is influencer goal.

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