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Today’s guest has had success in multiple industries including fashion and web development. She shares how she’s grown downloads for her paid game by backtracking the end goal of her users, how she’s used that technique in her ad creatives and finally how she approaches career transitions.

Roni Brunn is the developer of Triplicata Maui.

Show Notes

Growing Downloads by Back tracking the End Goal

Roni shared that it’s all about understanding your audience and what they are looking for. An exercise that she did which helped her craft ads and her app’s presence in the app space was doing a backwards timelines where she started with her goals. She envisioned her goal as a player rating the game with 5 stars and tells all their friends. She then takes a step back and ponders on what the player did to get to this level – maybe they won challenges and moved levels and really felt that they came through. She continues to roll back to key points such as marketing when the user felt emotions when he saw the app description or glanced at an ad. The big thing which came out of this was her realization that her app must give somebody a clear win. It’s not enough to look at competitors’ ads but to ask the ‘why’. You need to give users a kind of high. This gave her higher ad conversions and conversions in the App Store.

Approaching Career Transitions

In deciding when to move on, Roni shares that she attributes much to therapy and introspection. Understanding what your true motivation is so if you are chasing something, you can chase it wholeheartedly. When she transitioned out of the fashion world, it had a lot to do with her values. She wanted to create something that people can take value from but she wants to balance this out by ensuring she takes care of herself physically as well and have more time to be with people she loves. Her job was satisfying in one way but it left her personhood behind.

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