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Coming is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas with John Koetsier. He shares some amazing data on the future of app marketing as it pertains to ASO, App Store reviews, and fraud from ad networks.

John Koetsier is a Mobile Economist at TUNE.

Show Notes

Marketing is the New ASO

Search is critical. Apple states that search precedes about 65% of app installs; and for Google, 83% of downloads are a result of search.  So what are the words that are being used? 100% of the top 10 keywords by volume in the App Store are branded, so it is challenging to get there if you are not a brand.  In addition, most of these keywords are owned by large companies and huge start-ups. This is a problem if you are not big as it means that you have to pay more and buy more. ASO used to be such a niche but now, you got to go outside of that scope and into the traditional ways of marketing such as PR, social network, influence marketing. There are a lot of things that app marketers should know, do and be aware in order to get their apps where they want them to be.

Ratings Are Now Table Stakes

Sure, if you don’t have top ratings you don’t get into top apps. But if you look at the top Android and App Store apps, once you are in top apps, these great ratings aren’t the differentiator anymore. You now have to differentiate in a lot of other things. Those at the top are asking the users at the right time if they are interested in giving a review – this is how they are getting 4 and 5 stars. This is not natural and this did not happen by accident. This is a result of them knowing who they are asking to review and rank their app. If you are not playing this game, you are going to lose out.

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