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Twitter - Shiraz Siddiqui

Twitter – Shiraz Siddiqui


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About the Episode

Are you looking to get started with Twitter App Install Ads? Well today’s guest is from Twitter and he breaks down everything you need to know to start running and optimizing your ads. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the targeting features that you should use when you’re just getting started.

Shiraz Siddiqui is a Team Lead of Inside Sales SMB at Twitter.

Show Notes

Things to Know Before Running Campaigns for Your Apps in Twitter:

  • Do I need a Twitter account to run ads in Twitter?

Yes. It does not have to be an active account or a brand new account. The number of followers is not important. More followers might be a good thing; just as having only a few followers is not necessarily a bad thing. What is needed is a fully filled out Twitter profile. Sketchy profiles are suspect.

  • What is an app install card?

Twitter app installs have one or more cards in them, depending on what the advertiser wants. These cards are so versatile that depending on how one uses them, they can either tell you what tweet worked best, or which image performed better. In other words, these cards can easily isolate variables and point an advertiser to the right direction.

  • How does app install cards work with A/B testing?

Twitter app install cards have functionalities such as show test screenshots of the app, show a review of a user or where the app is available.

Targeting Methods for Twitter App Install Ads

Twitter’s goal is to reach the most relevant people in Twitter. The Twitter App Install Ads for example, can narrow down the advertiser’s target to something as specific as only users connected to wifi. To do this, Shiraz recommends the keywords method. This has nothing to do with searches using keywords but has everything to do with what people are talking about real time. When a keyword is uttered, discussed or used, automatically an app install ad will pop up at that very moment.  It is the best method to use because it complements every other targeting campaign. For example, follower username targeting, a type of targeting that pinpoints specific personality/star/icon  a certain group might follow in Twitter can work well with this keyword feature.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build an app?

When advertising, make sure your ad resonates, reinforces and empowers your audience.

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