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Twyxt - Roman Weishäupl

Twyxt – Roman Weishäupl


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About the Episode

Are you looking for a clever way to find early beta users for your app? Well listen to how today’s guest found his beta testers in the early and critical part of the app development process. Also, you’ll want to hear the story of he tested a new feature that eventually led to a new monetization stream.

Roman Weishäupl is the Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of Twyxt

About Twyxt

Twyxt is the private and secure space for your relationship. The messenger and calendar is made extra for you to communicate and cherish the time with the most important person in your life. One app for the one you love. It’s the ultimate keepsake box! Everything you share in our unique messenger is woven into a shared living calendar, which acts as your relationship’s private journal, growing everyday. Never lose another sweet message or photo again! Send photos and mark your favorites, post your mood, even share a kiss. Twyxt helps you keep it all together with the absolute easiest shared space ever!

Twyxt offers:
• PRIVACY – Powerful message encryption ensures that your content remains yours and yours alone. Plus, our all new 4-digit privacy pin is a quick way to safeguard against peeping toms!
• A UNIQUE MESSAGING EXPERIENCE – We know couples do more than simple chit-chat! Post moods and photos directly into the messenger. If you’ve got something important to say, send an urgent message to multiple inboxes. Feeling saucy? Give ’em a little spank, or share a kiss!
• A LIVING CALENDAR BUILT FOR TWO – Create events and assign them to each other, or both of you! Plus, because your photos and messages are woven into the calendar as you post them, reminiscing has never been easier, or more fun!
• KEEPSAKE – A new way to store your love letters. Simply favorite any message or photo and it’ll be automatically placed into your very own digital keepsake box!
• SHARED LISTS – Favorite movies? Check! Date ideas? Check! Ingredients? Check! Whatever it is, you’ll both know exactly what you need, when you need it.
• KISS – When the Twyxt logo illuminates, you’re sharing that very moment! Touch it and hold to share a kiss! There’s no better way to feel close when you’re far away.

Twyxt enables: 
• Better communication
• Better coordination
• Turning your moments into memories
• The space your relationship deserves

Show Mentions

App: Twyxt: (iTunes | Google Play)

Fav app: Ingress: (Google Play)