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You’re going to discover how an indie developer received an Apple Feature just by building an app that utilized Apple’s latest technology. He shares how it happen, the impact of downloads and how it led to other revenue possibilities.

Romain Derrien is the Chief Executive Officer at Ubicolor and creator of the London iOS Meetup Group.

Show Notes

The Apple feature came by surprise as Romain just made an app where he ensured that the user interface and the design was good. Coding in 3D was a big step but he decided that he will have one in the App Store in Day 1 of iOS 11, and he did. Apple just finds out about you but it also pays to use what Apple is promoting. Example, AR is among the big things that Apple is pushing so if you will notice, they are promoting good AR apps that they can find.

When he got featured, he got about 3k downloads on the first day and adoption on the first month was only about 25% so it was slow. They have taken into consideration though that for you to have their app, you have to have an iPhone 6 and above and iOS 11. This made their audience narrow but the fact that it was a free promotion, and getting the bragging rights in being featured – it was still a victory to celebrate. You can then use this for PR as there is some credibility from getting featured by Apple. Along with this, Romain gained visibility as a developer and got contacted by people to create apps for them.

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