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Uken Games - Chris Ye

Uken Games – Chris Ye


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is the co-founder of Uken Games and he reveals us two key ingredients that they’ve used to create hit titles such as Bingo Pop, Titans and now Kings of Pool. Also, listen to the one hack on how to find the top players of competing games so you can use them as beta testers for your game.

Chris Ye is the Co-Founders of Uken Games.

Show Notes

Two Key Ingredients to Create Hit Titles

Uken Games start in two ways: First, organically within their teams where they come up with a theme every quarter, hack for ideas and propose them to the studio. Teams are formed, ideas are filtered until fully formed and they end the four-day session with demos where they present their ideas and they get to play their games. This is their means in not only developing new ideas for games but also for adding enhancements in existing ones.

Another way is research. They look at the market and spot opportunities. For Kings of Pool, for example, they saw a lot of growth and opportunity in this genre and started building a thesis around it.They didn’t see a lot of competitors, Google trends show that it is trending upwards so they came to a conclusion that mobile pool is great played online.

Finding Top Players of Competing Games to be Beta Testers

Chris’ team has an active line with the moderators and users of their community who actively chats with their users through forums and solicits their feedback. As they go through the product development life cycle, they have inserted a lot of points of testing where they bring in users from their community who are interested in testing new games. With Kings of Pool, they talked to highly engaged users in mini clipand even professional pool players to see what their thoughts were about the game. They find these players by looking at their leader boards through the game itself and have a candid conversation about getting them as testers.

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