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Are you looking for simple tactics that will help your app become more shareable? Well today’s guest shares how adding encouragement in his app lead to more shares on Instagram, how to use machine learning to grow app store reviews which lead to more downloads and finally how to learn good design even if you suck at it.

Gianluca Segato is the Founder of Uniwhere.

Show Notes

What is Uniwhere?

Uniwhere is a career management platform. This app helps students manage their University career from their smartphones. It gives them access to their university data, from their grades to test results.  The app gives them insights about their future career, what they can take and how they can learn more to achieve their goals.

The app also tries to infer with the user’s interest based on two things. First, it considers all the classes one attended as this tells a lot about the user. Second, it develops a platform that basically lets one navigate through different career paths.

According to Gianluca, when he was in his freshman year, there was a point when he wanted to access his university data in his smartphone. However, he could not find any app to help him do it. So, he decided to make one, instead.

How to Make Your App More Interesting?

According to Gianluca, your app should have a human face. By this, he recommends that you personalize it. For instance, greet the user with his name whenever he opens the app like “Hi, Johnny.” Then, add a motivational quote or a word of encouragement in the subtitle like “I believe in you.”

They initially did this because they need to put something in the UI, but it proves effective especially with their female users. Those users took screenshots of the app greeting them and motivating them and shared it on social media while tagging the app. As a result, it grows their social media following.

What’s the No.1 App For Gianluca?

Gianluca loves the Telegram messaging app. He finds it very useful because it allows you to create a custom box and have everything synced.

Show Mention

Fav app: Telegram: (iTunes | Google Play)

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